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Resilient Social Contracts for Democratic Societies

CO3 is a research project studying more open, inclusive, and democratic models of social contracts. Our mission is to create resilient societies capable of addressing societal challenges, crises, and anti-democratic tendencies.

Promoting inclusive social contracts to overcome societal challenges


CO3 analyses the legacy and ongoing re-construction of social contracts, especially in the context of European integration.


CO3 identifies the tensions and frictions that weaken social contracts in terms of long-term political, social and economic developments.


CO3 investigates how the EU can support open and resilient social contracts through  eleven country cases.


CO3 anticipates and theorises how crises, for example the climate crisis, shape social contracts.


CO3 co-creates policy recommendations that contribute to strong and resilient social contracts together with policymakers.


CO3 ​develops an applicable Continuous Contract Construction model of social contracts, in support of inclusive ecological transformation, citizen involvement and wellbeing.


CO3 interacts with a wide group of stakeholders to promote the uptake of the CO3 model and its application to diverse political contexts.

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